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In partnership with USF Health, USF Contemporary Art Museum's Art In Health program explores intersections between the arts and healthcare. Among initiatives are two ongoing projects: The Art of Attending, a series of observation training workshops for health students taught by arts instructors, and Arts at the Clinic, a weekly art-making group for aphasia patients, caregivers and therapists facilitated by an artist/faculty and art student interns.

The Art of Attending

Museum Workshop Movement Workshop

Museum Workshop
Facilitated discussions of visual artworks

Movement Workshop
Body awareness and movement observation

Studio Art Workshop Listening Workshop

Studio Art Workshop
Collage, drawing and visual observation

Listening Workshop
Listening and electronic composition

Research shows that training health practitioners in arts skills improves visual awareness. Practice observation, communication and critical thinking skills with other USF students in health disciplines at the USF Contemporary Art Museum and campus arts studios. Each workshop includes a series of arts based activities and a concluding discussion with a USF Health faculty member. Visiting faculty members include Dr. David Ecker, Morsani College of Medicine, Dr. Cheryl Zambroski, College of Nursing, and Dr. Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano, College of Public Health.

Additional participation in a research study on learning outcomes from the workshops is optional and entails the completion of two online or paper surveys. The purpose of the research is to assess the impact of the workshops on students' observation skills. IRB study #16778.




Shannon Annis (Museum) is Exhibitions Manager/Registrar at the USF Contemporary Art Museum. In addition to caring for the USF art collection and traveling exhibitions, she has co-curated exhibitions and developed associated programs and events. She has experience in art museum and health care settings and holds an MA in Art History from USF, an MS in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MA in Medical/Clinical Psychology from UAB.

Dolores Coe (Studio Art) is an artist, educator and former Professor of Art and Program Director at Ringling College of Art and Design. Her paintings and mixed media works are exhibited regionally and nationally in museums and galleries and included in a number of public, private and corporate collections. She was awarded a resident fellowship at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and a 2010 State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship in Painting. She earned the MFA in Painting and an MA in Counseling. For more information, go to

Bruce Marsh (Studio Art) is a Professor Emeritus with the USF School of Art and Art History and a painter pursuing a career involving representational painting. He has exhibited widely and produced a number of large-scale public art projects. During the past three years, he has been deeply involved in the development and operation of the new Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin, Florida. His painting, teaching, and community activities have been motivated by his interest in perception, communication and representation, and by his faith in the unlimited possibilities of the human mind and spirit. Visit to view recent paintings by Bruce Marsh.

Merry Lynn Morris (Movement) holds an MFA in dance performance and choreography from Florida State University. She seeks out interdisciplinary teaching and research opportunities in which her movement background and expertise can be utilized and expanded. Her dance/mobility chair project [] involves approaching wheelchair design from a dance performance perspective to increase options for differently-abled individuals and expand perceptions regarding human mobility. She frequently collaborates across disciplines including art and video, architecture, music, engineering and physical therapy, and is pursuing a doctoral degree in dance and disability studies at Texas Woman’s University.

Paul Reller (Listening), Associate Professor of Music, is a part of the Composition Department and serves as Director of USF's SYCOM (Systems Complex for the Recording and Performing Arts) Electronic Music Studio. Reller teaches electronic music, acoustic composition, and the History of Blues and Rock Music. Reller helped create the Bonk Festival of New Music, and his work has been performed at the Festival by Margaret Lancaster, Conrad Harris, Hilton Jones, and the USF Percussion Ensemble. Reller received a BM from the University of Minnesota and a Masters at the Eastman School of Music.


Art In Health @ USF was established in Fall 2012 as a partnership between the USF Contemporary Art Museum and USF Health to develop arts-based observation training for USF Health graduate students. The program drew inspiration from existing arts-and-medicine initiatives at Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Miami and other institutions and has developed into a multi-modal series that integrates arts based components in museum, visual studio, movement and listening.