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Public Art at USF

With funding provided by a percent for arts initiative, Florida’s Art in State Buildings program was established legislatively in 1979. USF’s Public Art program focuses on site-responsive works, for both interior and exterior spaces across the university’s three campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee. Many of the public works respond to the educational and research programs housed within the facilities and are integrally designed for the campus spaces, site-specific installations that create places - plazas, gardens and courtyards – which serve as informal gathering sites for the academic districts and enhance the campus environment.

The USF Public Art program has commissioned some of the nation's most prominent contemporary artists working in the public realm to develop projects that elevate the aesthetics of our campus, and enrich the cultural life of our students, faculty and staff. The public art program includes over 120 commissioned, purchased, and donated works acquired through state contributions, and additional private funding partnerships and initiatives. Major projects have been completed by distinguished artists as Alice Aycock, Teresita Fernández, Nancy Holt, Tim Rollins and K.O.S., James Rosenquist, Alyson Shotz, Tomás Saraceno and Janaina Tschäpe.

Complementing our major projects, the USF Public Art program has offered opportunities to emerging artists from the State of Florida and beyond; oftentimes providing these artists with their first opportunity to work in the public realm. Significant works by Robert Calvo, Gary Moore, Catherine Nelson and Charlie Parkhill, among others, amplify our collection and provide the viewer the opportunity to experience a broad spectrum of contemporary public art.

The USF Institute for Research in Art is recognized by the State of Florida as a major cultural institution and receives funding through the Florida Department of State, the Florida Arts Council and the Division of Cultural Affairs.